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Why De Beers is the Preeminent Diamond Cartel?

Posted by Delia Bass on

Diamond is a symbol of love and the credit goes to none other than De Beers who is preeminent Diamond Cartel. This South AfricanWhy De Beers is famous Diamond Cartel colossus dominates the Diamond business, stretches convoluted and close-knit worldwide diamond network which works in some respects on a vast industrial scale and in others like a medieval guild.  The pipeline or cascade comprises of a number of aspects including mines, dealers, polishing factories, jewelers and finally the necks or fingers of a customer!

Since a century, De Beers has brought to mind all the mystery and allure radiated by a diamond with their ineffaceable marketing schemes, stockpile of rough Diamonds and excellent negotiation skills. They have turned the pieces of crystallized carbon into multi-billion-dollar-a-year. Nicky Oppenheimer, who was the chairman of De Beers in 2000, is one of the graceful personalities of this world famous business empire.

Oppenheimer dynasty, which is the Angelo American Corporation of South Africa, gearshifts most of the world's diamond mining. It has crossed all the borders in its way of profit. Read more..