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Properties Of Diamond That You Have Never Heard Before

Posted by Delia Bass on

Properties of DiamondMost of the times we think of diamond as a precious gem in jewelry because of its popularity as a gem, its stories, fascination throughout the history and all other amazing facts, lore and beliefs. However the utility of diamond is not limited just as a gem but it is widely used as an industrial material and also for scientific use.

The properties of Diamond make it of an immense use in various industries. Diamonds can survive conditions that would destroy other materials and so they have many uses in science and industry. Natural diamonds are rare and very expensive so it hasn't been possible to make full use of their amazing natural properties until recently.

Pure diamonds do not exhibit electrical conductivity, because there are no free or lose electrons in its structure; the carbon atoms share four electrons of their outermost shell with four other atoms to complete the octet.

Diamond is denser as compared to graphite which is also pure carbon; the only difference lies in the type of bonding. Density is the ratio of mass to volume of a substance. Though diamond is the hardest known material, it is not surely the toughest one.

Diamond is the hardest and most brilliant of all precious gems. The word diamond fills the mind with images of a sparkling and dazzling transparent gemstone, the incomparable beauty and purity that has mesmerized the human mind since ancient times.

Diamond is the hardest known crystalline material composing mainly of carbon atoms bonded together by covalent bonds, each carbon atom bonded with four other carbon atoms. Macroscopically it is resistant to breakage but it can still be shattered along a few crystallographic planes, where the number of bonds as less as compared to other directions in the structure, quite neatly providing perfect cleavage which comes of use for diamond cutters.

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