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Platinum: More Precious and More Enduring than Gold

Posted by Delia Bass on

Platinum is a Precious and Enduring metalDid you know that Platinum is more precious and more enduring than Gold? Platinum is a completely different metal, which is found naturally in the earth. It is relatively rare, about 35 times rarer than gold. It is truly a magical metal.

Platinum jewelry is made from very pure platinum. As compared to gold, platinum falls between the 18-karat and 24-karat range, with 18 karat being approximately 75% pure and 24 karat being the purest. Since 18-karat jewelry is 75% pure, that means that the other 25% of the piece is an alloy, such as silver, zinc or copper. This simply means that platinum requires very little alloy to be combined with it in order to make platinum jewelry.

Platinum is rare. Ten tons of platinum ore is required to process a single ounce of pure platinum. Platinum is very dense-60% more dense than Gold. A piece of jewelry made of Platinum is considerably heavier and stronger than its counterpart in Gold, therefore more expensive due to its bulk weight alone. The most important consideration is the labor factor in producing a finely finished piece of Platinum jewelry.

Platinum is significantly more costly than the exact same ring style crafted in White Gold. Read more about this precious metal.