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Personalize Your Ring Engraving

Posted by Delia Bass on

Ring Engraving Options

Engraving can be done in regular and script fonts as well as in uppercase and lowercase. Most of the jewelers will not rings which have been engraved bit we'll take them back. Most of the rings can be engraved except eternity bands which are channel and prong set. Machine engraving is accomplished with different types of power-driven engravers that work off of templates or computer-aided designs. The jewelry is inserted in the machine and when turned on the machine automatically creates the letters.

Our Recommendation
Because engraving will make a permanent change to your wedding rings, we recommend that you get engraving done after receiving the rings from us and after making sure that the rings fit correctly and are exactly as you would like them. This will minimize the possibility and hassles of a return and make your purchase quick and satisfying. Take your time when contemplating the message you want to send. Do you want a simple message of love? A line from a favorite song? A quote from a poem, book, story, or historical figure that captures exactly the message you want to send?

Engraving by Machine vs. by Hand
Please allow few days for the rings to be engraved. There are two ways to get your special message carved forever into your ring: by hand or by machine. Hand engraving is an art that has been done for centuries; the results can be highly personal and aesthetically pleasing. Hand engravers use a tool called a graver. "It's an ancient tool," says Alex Pugachevsky of Alex Engraving in New York City. "It’s a steel knife with a wooden handle." Pugachevsky says that engraving rings is challenging because rings are small and the engraved work, too, is minute: "The biggest problem in doing rings is that it's difficult to see."

The inside of a ring can generally hold up to 30 characters and spaces. On most 7mm rings and wider, we offer a second line of engraving which also holds up to 30-32 (see specific ring details) characters and spaces, for a total of 60 characters and spaces. If you have a particular request or are wondering about engraving a ring you are interested in, please include it in the Notes section during checkout or e-mail us with your desired inscription and the ring you will be purchasing and we can help!

Engraving a Bible Verse
Wedding Ring Engraving Idea : A Bible Verse Engraving a Bible verse on a wedding ring is probably one of the most popular options. You might choose a verse about love such as "Love never ends" from 1 Corinthians 13.13 or "My beloved is mine and I am his/hers" from the Song of Solomon. For other ideas, look up the word "love" in a Bible dictionary of concordance. You'll find a long list of verses that you can choose from.

Popular Engraving Messages 
Jewelry has always held a special place in a woman's heart. A particular piece of jewelry is one of the most precious possessions of every woman. And it is a woman's affinity for jewels that makes it one of the world’s most sought after object across the globe. A list of commonly used engraves messages is given below. You can choose from here or provide your own special message during checkout.